mobile homes

sinus orchester „home - mobile home - artificial home“

In times where locations undergo a general change and get mobilized, the question for definition and localization of home rises. But what makes a home, defines this, how could it be experienced? And how to acquire space? Is there space left anyway? Or is the phrase home just a promise?

„Nobody would think of going to Niehus in the first place, but going to a big city everybody is used to. The city is a showroom, but what can be bought there? Can you buy what you can see? - no, just a feeling, experiences of variety, something special for everybody, maybe. In times of changes there is always a promise of relief: architecture, humans and more humans, philosophies, religions, museums, shops, cafes, concerts, movies and more movies, all in the fresh breeze of the trends, in and out of goods in a constant float.“ dt04

„Berlin is hip“ you might say, capital and engine, positive confrontation between cultures east and west has its tradition. Show your face. Open yourself. Estate agents catching promising objects and slowly everything becomes private property. Whom, who might call that home we like to ask: „how do you recognize your home?“

The view from the window changes every half year, the smell of today is different from yesterday also the image in the mirror and the neighbors.

For „home - mobile homes - artificial homes“ we going to capture free spaces, in this example of Berlin.

Locations of community, locations of itself. Without owner, clean of commercials, not inhabited, organic and maybe little forgotten. We are going to visit people who developed strategies to reclaim locations, people for whom the city is a boardgame where they move on to not get lost.

People who reconquer what belongs to them for long time, people who erased private property from their personal maps and work with the remains, permanent juggling and searching for the borders. These games and the rules has to be acquired and decoded, brought to new lingual coordinates. Strategies for orientation has to be fixed and the communication of individuals with the space they inhabit to be enhanced.

To establish an intervisibility and to research the coordinates between the individual and the location. To mark positions and experience the form. Research areas which are not detected yet by those with further targets, thats our motivation.

interactive installation


„home“ - practically is an artistic „production site analysis“. Daniela H. Thomsen, Malte Steiner, Francesco Tarallo, Maik Pechtold and Karsten M. Drohsel are going to visit non private locations and do an analysis within their media.

This will be done in the form of videografics, sketches, fieldrecordings and finds on location and arranged to a score which will provide a base of our work.

With this base the individual artists will deal with the topic, the recordings from the others and the score to „mobile homes“, and create separate works. In the third step we will connect the individual works and construct an „artificial home“ which can be experienced by the the audience. We do a definition on the example. In general the individual works about the locations has to be put together and arranged on a new cartography. A virtual map will be created to make the locations and their relationship accessible for the audience through realtime 3D simulation. The audience can navigate towards the individual objects and reveal their partial aspects.

The result of the analysis will be finished in three forms:

First: a performance providing the audible material, augmented with the graphical and text material of the certain location.

Second: there will be an installation, enabling the user to navigate through the virtual home with sensors and to play with the material.

Last but not least there will be a version for home usage, providing the material through the internet with HTML and VRML. A website will be released and through the process of creation supplemented with new material.

Additionally these works in process will be communicated through discussions, lectures, webboards and workshops, a documentation will be done.

This project isn‘t tied to a certain city. If there are possibilities and financial support for research on location of the exhibition we can also do a work on demand.

The Sinus Orchester regard itself as an open platform with a flexible staff. The key players are Daniela H. Thomsen, Malte Steiner, Maik Pechtold and Karsten Michael Drohsel. Depending on the task and necessary skills we invite competent partners. Goal is an exchange with local artists and intellectuals.

sinus orchester, october 2004

This concept was first exhibited at AB OVO IMAF7 Serbia